Educational Campus 'Mevo'ot Hanegev'

In order to develop our concept of the planning of the "Mevo'ot HaNegev" new educational campus we went there – all the office - to feel the atmosphere of The Kibutz and its surroundings. We spoke to students, residents, and representatives of the school and the local community. The southern air and the “Kibutz” atmosphere along with inspiring clean and quiet landscape were the basis on which we built the manifest that guided us in the planning of the project through three main points:

To strengthen the existing:

Preserving the rural character of the “Kibutz” settlement with the preservation and innovation perception and empowering the campus as an area rich in open spaces,

Year: 2013

Client: Regional council of Bney Shim'om

Place: The campus Mevoot hanegev in Kibbutz "Shoval"  .

Total Area: 14,023 sqm.

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