Holon Square

The new central main square in Holon is a unique project designed with our collaboration by the international architect Vera Yanovtchinsky and her office VYA.

Located near the Ron Arad museum, The HIT Academy, the main mall, the MediaTech and a new area of residential towers, the new square will have an intense use by the citizens of Holon and surroundings. The shape of the square is determined by five separate buildings. the new city hall tower of 22 levels, The main Cultural and Music centre, two residential towers of 20 and 21 levels and an Offices Tower of 12 levels.

Client: Municipality of Holon.

Domain: 10000sqm Landscape, 24000sqm city hall, 27000sqm residence and 5000sqm comercial, 8000sqm cultural&music center, 13000sqm offices and 70000sqm parking.

Total Area: 147000 sqm.

Project Cost: 900 M Shekel.

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