Keroman Lorient submarine Base

The renewal of the Celtic District of Lorient

By the end of the millennium it was decided to evacuate the Historic Submarine base of Keroman Lorient and establish a theme park: "Man and the Sea in the 21st century".

The challenges of creating such a theme park, along with the revival of Celtic culture of the Bretons combined with huge bunkers stirred our imagination. We wanted to use the project not only to develop the site itself but to use the establishment as a lever for the development of the city and the region and an opportunity to create a new perception of the city of Lorient.

Reaching the final round (out of 192 designs).


Planning & designed in co-operation with Arch. Daniel Minz.

Year: 1999

Place: Lorient, France

Type: Urban planning and public building competition

Area: 30 D



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