"This is how an elementary school of science and technology becomes an unique landmark in a replicated residential environment"


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Feminine Presence in 21st century Architecture

For a decade Architect Batia Svirsky Melloul is the curator of The Symposium on the Feminine Presence in 21st century Architecture. The event is a co-production of the municipality of the city of Holon in Israel, together with The Israel Association of United Architects (AIUA). The event is organized every year on March- close to International women Day within the "Woman Festival" in Holon.


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An open competition for the evaquation of the Herzlia airport and the planning of a new residential neighborhood

This article explains the importance of this competition and shows the first, second and third price award winners. Bea architect won the second prize award.


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The most promising architecture project for the 2013 year in Israel

Bar Ilutowitz, Binian Ve diur, 2012

A collection of eight future projects categorized as the most promising projects of the 2013 year in Israel. Among them, the art and music center in Ashkelon, planned in collaboration between Bea architects and the French Architecture studio of Architect Manuel gautrand.


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"Yeled mutar", Michael YaCobson, Xnet, 03/2011

An article in Hebrew about modest architecture that can make the difference – the children club in Netivot.


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Interview with Arch. Batia Svirsky- melloul for the Archijob website. 07/2008

"If more people would understand that  the matter of importance should be the collaboration between architects, and not the crazy competition between them on who get the next job, our situation would be much better"


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