Rehovot High school

The High-School in the Dutch neighborhood of the city of Rehovot was originally planned for 36 classrooms and houses students from middle to high school. The first phases of the project are under construction, and we are working on transforming the existing plan into a High-Tech High school as well as expanding the design to 48 classes school.


The school serves the residents of the Dutch neighborhood creating a buffer between the neighborhoods to the Sportek on the east. The design and placement of the school transforms it from a buffer to a bridge,

Type: Public buildings – High school

Place: Rehovot city, Dutch Neighborhood

Client: Municipality of Rehovot.

Area: 15D

Building Area: 9000 sqm.

Project Cost: 30 M Shekel.

Planning Phase: Phase A-Built,  Phase B-in progress,  Phase C-in planning stage

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