Tau's azrieli school of architecture competition

looks at the bi-fold design-research model of the future Azrieli Architecture school & Archive, and its relationship with the in-depth research in material ecologies. The cross pollination between these hybrids is the core of our proposal for the School.

The Buildings characteristic cantilever over the Sloping Water Plaza creates an iconic new identity as the Gateway to TAU, now accessible for everyone via a set of ramps winding up through the Green Plaza. On the third floor the “Garden of Strange Objects”, an undulating exterior void, connects the city to the campus and provides a place for students to exhibit their work.

The new Water Plaza & Water Park retain water for irrigation.


Our proposal for the Architecture Campus in Tel Aviv University designed in partnership with Arch. Winka Dubbeldam (Archi-Tectonics)


Place: Tel Aviv, Israel

Type: Open Competition

Total Area: 8,475 sqm

Building Area: 5,000 sqm

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