Yad Hamelech School

School "Yad Hamelech" in Netivot is a religious school, planed by us on the request of the Netivot municipality as part of the planning of the big religious campus "Brit Shalom VeHased" of the Rabbi Ifargan.

The Geometry of the plan was meant to separate into two divisions, one for girls and one for boys. This separation allows different open spaces for each gender, as well as a big common patio in between for events.  8 classes for each gender, as well as laboratories, library, teacher's rooms and all the needed functions.

The materials chosen for the structure is local.

Year: 2012

Place: Netivot – Campus of the Ifargan "Brit shalom ve hesed"

Type: Public buildings

Area: 8D, 2000 sqm building

Program: Elementary school with 16 classes.

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